Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hawaii Five-O is an American television series that starred Jack Lord in the lead role for a fictional Hawaii state police department. The show ran for 12 seasons, from 1968 to 1980. The twelfth season was repackaged into syndication under the title McGarrett. The CBS television network produced the program, which aired from September 20, 1968 to April 5, 1980. Currently, the program is broadcast in syndication throughout the world and on-demand streaming media via CBS Interactive. Created by Leonard Freeman, Hawaii Five-O was shot on location in Honolulu, Hawaii, and throughout the island of Oahu — with occasional filming in other locales like Los Angeles, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as other Hawaiian islands. Hawaii Five-O centers on a fictional state police force (named in honor of Hawaii's status as the 50th State)

Another legacy of the show is the popularity of the Hawaii Five-O theme song. The song was composed by Morton Stevens, who also composed numerous episode scores. The song has been covered by The Ventures, and also by Radio Birdman, a punk-era band from Sydney. A short cover can be seen at the end of the Massacre Palestina´s song, "Madamme X". The song is particularly popular with college and high school marching bands, especially at the University of Hawai'i, where it has become the unofficial fight song. In 1982 Australian ska/pop band No Nonsense recorded a version for their 'Round Tuit' release. [wikipedia]

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